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About Us

Caistor Amateur Theatrical Society (CATS) was founded in October 1991 in the small market town of Caistor, Lincolnshire. Since then, we have produced a total of 50 different productions. Our current membership stands at approximately 50 adults and youngsters. Our annual family pantomimes are highly popular and attract large and appreciative audiences. CATS also stage a number of other productions each year, particularly farces, murder mystery dinners and musical variety shows.

Our shows are staged in Caistor's Victorian Town Hall. The building gives rise to many interesting challenges, not least of all being the problems of building and moving scenery on a raked stage. The architects obviously had a sense of humour when they gave the stage a drop of 11 inches over a distance of only 12 feet (for those of you with a continental inclination, that's about 28 cms in 4 metres). Just to make matters really interesting, the building also has it's own ghost - never seen, but it certainly makes it's presence felt (especially if you're alone in the building at night!). CATS aim to present live theatre of the highest standards, and at a price that families can afford. New members are always warmly welcomed: if you're interested in having a go (either on-stage acting or singing, or assisting with the massive range of backstage and front of house jobs)- please contact us. You don't need any previous experience, although enthusiasm and a sense of humour do help!

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